let us learn ENGLISH COURSE-lle-level-3


Improve Your English Language Skills and go to the Next Level.

Course Duration 3 Months.

Instructions for the Learners:-

Please Follow the Instructions Step By Step to achieve desired learning outcomes from this course.

  1. Download the eBooks and Other Study Materials from Here From This Hyperlink:– Read it completely and try to understand the concepts and rules of Tajweed. If it is possible to print you can print a copy and keep for reference during the course of study.
  2. Please watch all the videos in the play list step by step.
  3. Do not skip any part of the videos.
  4. Focus on the video contents its audio and visuals.
  5. Try to understand and after completing the videos do the other activities and assignments.
  6. Links to the other activities, assignments and engagements are given below the videos.
  7. Follow the instructions step by step and do not jump from one place to another.
Course Play List will be Here on this place! in future update.

After Watching All the Available Videos in the Play List in the sequence given step by step. Now What you have to do is to click this link to complete your Assignments and other activities.

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